A 22-Year-Old Resigned By Handing In A Condolence Card to Her Boss, Coz Let’s Be Real ‘Isme Tera Ghata’!


In India, we Indian’s resign from a company by giving a proper Resignation letter or mail. But when someone resigns, its actually a loss to the company. Today we are going to tell you about a 22-year-old who resigned by handling a condolence card to his boss. Isn’t that funny?

The pictures of this card is getting viral on social media and Twitter:

The card, given by the employee, Sam Baines, 22, read,Thinking of you at this difficult time.

And then he signed off with ‘love’. 

In a conversation with Insider, he said, We are a really close team and have a fantastic manager, so we’re always joking around and having fun. I knew I had to do something a little more creative when giving my notice to try and get one more joke in before I left!

Many people started posting their multiple other resignations as the netizens started sharing their creative goodbyes-

Isme Tera Ghata, Mera Kuch Nhi Jata!

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