8 interesting facts you didnt know about Marvel Superheroes.


8 interesting facts you didn’t knew about Marvel Superheroes.

1. Many of Marvel’s notable superheroes and villains are of Irish descent including, Captain America, Beast, Iceman, An incarnation of Ant-Man, Daredevil, Bullseye and Dum Dum Dugan.- Source

2. While creating the characters of villains for the Marvel Comic Book, they took the help of the Bible. Out of that inspiration came Galactus (God) and Silver Surfer (Satan). – Source

3. Throg was a superhero created by Marvel. He is a frog that has the power of Thor and is in a group called the Pet Avengers. – Source

4. In one of the Marvel’s “What if?” series, Hulk and She-Hulk get married “and their lives became much like those on ‘I Love Lucy’.” – Source

5. In a 1996 DC/Marvel Comics crossover, Quicksilver challenged the Flash (WallyWest) to a race and lost.

6. In the Marvel Universe, Santa Claus is actually the world’s most powerful mutant ever registered.

7. After escaping a sinking submarine, Deadpool walks around in -42degree weather for three days, which he claims is better than Batman. He says Batman would only last 12 minutes.

8. Iron Man was created by Stan Lee as a challenge to create a hero no one should like and force people to like him. – Source

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