7 Hilarious Texts Showing Breakups Can Happen Over Chats Too


7 Hilarious Texts Showing Breakups Can Happen Over Chats Too

Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. People easily fall in love but to keep a hold on your loved ones is very difficult. You must have heard some weird stories of couples who broke up just because of some weird differences or they have found someone new. This is very common today because many people look for just time pass and there are others who want a serious relationship and see their future in them.

Breakup can happen anytime. Some people are so sensitive and self-possessive that they can break up on very small things. Even if you try a lot to save your relationship, sometimes it doesn’t work.

I have also seen many breakups that have happened over the text messages. And believe me, that is hilarious. Ending a relationship is not an easy task. But sometimes, instances and moment force us to take that step. Today we are going to show you some hilarious text messages that lead to breakups.

I know there are many people who must be going through this phase. So read this and let me know if you have also faced the same kind of a breakup.

1. Are They Going To Hang Out Together Again? I don’t Think so!

Yes, its funny to read but just imagine, the poor guy! Trying his best to save the relationship.

2. Yes! This can Happen Too:


You must have also come across this “autocorrected” feature? Isn’t this quite terrible? Bump, jump and dump.

3. People are more serious about their things instead of their relationships.

You see, such people do exist!

4. It’s Mutual!

Have you ever faced this?

5. Sometimes Hints are enough to understand:

How easy it is to break a relationship. It’s like a mutual breakup!

6. Poor Jessica!

7. Disaster can happen anytime!

Sh*t can also happen! Poor Jacob.