6 foods and home remedies to combat Acidity- Expert Reveals


Acidity is the most common disease, and everyone somehow faces acidity. It mainly causes a burning sensation in the stomach, chest, and throat. It can occur by eating more oily and spicy food. We should have control over food and should plan what to eat and what to not. If we have good digestion, then we can do our work efficiently. And nowadays, acidity is most common at any age. Here we are with 6 foods suggested by the expert to cure acidity quickly.

1. Ajwain

It is the most popular and beneficial substance to cure acidity early. You can drink the water by soaking ajwain in it overnight or can take it directly with a pinch of salt. It will help you a lot with your acidity problem. Ajwain has biochemicals known as Thymol that helps to aid digestion.

2. Saunf

Fennel seed or saunf,  mostly used for a digestive system problem. It makes our digestive system healthy, and Indians know it very well, it’s like a tradition to serve saunf with sugar to their guests. From ancient times, we are using saunf as a digestive system remedy. You can also see small boxes filled with saunf and chini in many restaurants. One cup of water of soaked saunf every morning can help a lot to live healthy from digestion.

3. Milk and Yoghurt

Milk and Yoghurt

Milk is perfect for acidity, but it should be cold or at an average temperature. Like milk, yogurt is a natural antacid, and we all know dahi is like God for the digestive system; it has probiotics, which help make our gut happy gut. You can also make chhachh and enjoy it, and it will also make your digestive system healthy.

4. Honey


You can also choose your favorite honey with warm water for your acidity irritation, and you can also add lemon to it, and it will become a great alkalizing agent. Every morning you can drink warm water with lemon and honey. It also can make your skin healthy and boost digestion.

5. Dhania or Coriander

Dhania or Coriander

Everyone likes dhaniya chatni with pakoda and parathas. So you can also try it, and you can choose to mix it with buttermilk; it will have a great taste, and you can enjoy it. Dhaniya pudina is like a partner who can help you be healthy from your gut and control nausea and vomiting.

6. Fruits

Daily fruits can keep you overall healthy, and you can live longer by eating them regularly. Your acidity can stop if you eat fruits, including citrus fruits, and they also help your digestive system work correctly and live healthily. Add fruits to your daily diet; they will save you from many diseases and prevent digestive system problems.

Most people ignore acidity and other kinds of digestion problems because a small treatment makes us well again. But this is not to be missed every time. For a healthy digestive system, it is necessary to take a healthy diet. If you have any problem related to digestion, you should consult a doctor to stop a significant disease.