5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level.


India has grown in every aspect, whether its in development of the Country or in terms of cricket. India has made their name in the most consistent team scoring and winning matches. Players have concentrated more to develop every aspect of their game, whereas BCCI also tries to fulfill all the requirements of the players.

5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level, 5 Talented Indian Cricketers

History has witnessed many good cricketers who have marked their existence on tehir international journey. But in every journey of life, there are various ups and down. Similarly, sometimes cricketers also fail to show their best side.

Today we are going to tell you about 5 talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level:

1. Ajay Sharma:

5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level, Ajay Sharma cricketer

He is the first run-maker in first-class cricket, mainly for Delhi, scoring over 10,000 runs at the high average of 67.46 which was the third-highest in the all-time list. Soon after this record, he got a chance to play in Indian Cricket Team.

Ajay Sharma was a true powerhouse of Indian domestic cricket in the 1980s and 1990s. 

This stroke maker from Delhi hardly lived up to expectations as he could make only 424 runs out of the total ODIs played by him. He was the biggest disappointment, having achieved virtually nothing like an international batsman.

2. Dinesh Karthik:

5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level, Dinesh Karthik cricketer

Looking at the current performance of veteran wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik, then the overall performance ias very poor. At the same time, young Rishabh Pant has done a fantastic job as per his ability whenever he gets an opportunity internationally . Dinesh Karthik has failed to live upto the expectations in the international circuit for India.

Karthik has managed to secure only 94 ODI matches since making his debut in 2004. 

3. Venu Gopal Rao:

5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level, Venu Gopal Rao cricketer

Yalaka Venugopal Rao was the first Indian “super sub” in ODI cricket. He played large part of his career for his home Andhra Pradesh in first class cricket and then went on to play for India between 2005-06.

He was expected to be India’s best bet in ODI format of the game across the globe. However, he failed to make things fall in place with his batting. With his slow batting, he slowly received negative comments on his batting.

With just 218 runs in 11 innings, Rao was unable to carve out a permanent spot for himself in the Indian squad and soon became out of favour.

4. Manoj Tiwari:

5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level, Manoj Tiwari cricketers Manoj Tiwari

Manoj was known for his agressive batting on the pitch which impressed one and all. He is one of the unfortunate cricketers in the history of cricket.

With his excellent batting and scoring runs, earned him an international call in 2006 against Bangladesh. He made his first debut against Australia in the 2008 Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series in which he scored only 2 runs in his only innings.

While he was destined to make his debut, Tiwary sustained a shoulder injury which ruled him out. In total, he played only 12 ODIs and three T20Is for India managing to score only one hundred against West Indies before going out of contention. His career is limited to a domestic career right now. 

5. Akash Chopra:

5 Talented Indian Cricketers,, 5 Talented Indian Cricketers who failed at the International Level, Akash Chopra cricketers

Scoring 10000 runs is not a cup of tea for everyone. Only a few reach this landmark. Akash Chopra is one of them who has registered 10839 runs in 162 first-class games at an average of 45.35 including 29 centuries. He and Virender Sehwag made a top-class opening pair for Delhi which gave nightmares to the opponent bowlers.

However, soon he failed to impress the people with his batting and failed to live upto the expectation at the highest level.

He played 10 Test matches for India scoring 437 runs during 2003-04 but never made it to the Indian team again.

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