5 Style Icons That Continue To Inspire Millennials


The past two years has witnessed the rearrival of several retro trends. The increased craze for flare pants and fanny bags are a reminder that the style game of iconic celebrities was real strong. There are a number of celebrities in history that deserves to be applauded for what they gave to the fashion world. Their style file was quite chic yet simple and comfortable. It remains to inspire younger generations. Infact, it will continue to inspire millennials in the future as well.

Let’s have a look at some of these iconic celebrities:

1) Audrey Hepburn
When we are talking about iconic celebrities, we have to start from the one who made the fashion world obsessed with the Little Black dress. Her classic Holly Golightly look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s remains to be one of the best looks Hollywood has ever seen. Her style was an epitome of “chic”. Her wardrobe comprised of casual pieces like striped shirts, midi skirts, slim-fit trousers, scarves and ballets. That itself screams of her style to be elegant and comfy.

2) Sri Devi
The style file of the “Hawa Hawai” actress has witnessed a beautiful evolution. Her iconic dressing style blossomed from high-waisted jeans and crop top to polka dot and chiffon sarees. Be it her tucked in shirt and aplomb or silk sarees, the actress looked absolutely enchanting in Western and traditional outfits.

3) Princess Diana
Her out-of-the-box fashion choices and mesmerizing beauty describe what it looks like to be a modern princess. Even though she kept with the title, she was often seen in form fitted gowns. She often broke the royal conventions of dressing and chose bold dresses with plunging neckline.

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About Diana: "She sensed a huge amount of hostility from those within the palace, not just the royal family but those in the establishment at the palace. Diana believed there was a whispering campaign: This woman is a cracked vessel. This woman is potty. This woman is a danger to the royal family. Diana later told her friend Roberto Devorik that she had even approached The Queen and Prince Philip for help, only to be told that 'everything was in her imagination and she should consult a psychiatrist and maybe go to psychiatric cure.'" Sally Bedell Smith, author of 'Diana: in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess' ■ قالوا عن ديانا: "لقد شعرت بوجود عداء هائل نحوها من المقيمين في القصر الملكي، ليس فقط من أفراد العائلة المالكة ولكن من النظام وحاشية القصر. اعتقدت ديانا بوجود مؤامرة خفية لتدبير حملة ضدها؛ فنشروا حولها اﻷقاويل: هذه المرأة أشبه بحطام زورق غارق. هذه المرأة مختلة عقليا. هذه المرأة تشكل خطرا على العائلة المالكة. وبعد عدة سنوات، أخبرت ديانا صديقها روبيرتو ديفوريك بأنها ذهبت إلى الملكة واﻷمير فيليب طلبا للمساعدة [من أجل إنقاذ زواجها]، ولكنهما قالا لها حرفيا: 'كل شيء من صنع مخيلتك. يجب عليك استشارة الطبيب النفسي وربما الخضوع للعلاج النفسي.'" سالي بيديل سميث، كاتبة كتاب السيرة الذاتية بعنوان 'ديانا: رحلة البحث عن الذات: قصة أميرة تعيسة' ■ #princessdianaforever #humanitarian #princessofwales #princessdiana #gb #hertruestory #kensingtonpalace #uk #thebritishroyalfamily #theroyalfamily #thebritishmonarchy #queenofhearts #instagood #instaroyal #instalike #di #fashionicon #peoplesprincess #style #glamorous #icon #foreveryoung #uk #الأميرة_ديانا #أميرة_ويلز #أميرة_القلوب #الأميرة_ديانا_لﻷبد #بريطانيا #لندن #قصتها_الحقيقية #أميرة_الشعب

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4) Rekha
The one that made Kanjeevaram silk sarees international remains to look drop-dead gorgeous in everything she donnes. No matter what the trend is, Rekha remains loyal to her love for the sarees. Be it gorgeous chiffon sarees or silk sarees, Rekha carries it with utter grace. Even for her red carpet appearances, the diva shines in sarees.

If you are a saree-lover and want to opt for sarees more often, Rekha is the one you should take inspiration from.