5 Most Famous Jewelry Styles For You To Slay This 2020

5 Most Famous Jewelry Styles

Every year brings in a new trend and a lot of styles in jewelry, which every fashion enthusiast is excited about. Its 2020 and before you make up your mind, let’s review what’s new in store for all of us.

Excited about the 2020 runway looks, this year’s styles are going to make it big and major trends have been introduced. Every time we step out, just an outfit doesn’t do justice to your look, what makes the attire raunchy is the jewellery you sport with it. Let’s have a look at what’s new and trending:

  1. Colourful Jewelry:  Experiment with colours, not sure what to pair with our dress, try opening yourself to colours. Don’t be afraid to go wild on the stones and metal colours. It opens a wide range of shades that goes with your wardrobe. Gold and Silver is no longer in trend. Explore the kid in you and play with colours.5 Most Famous Jewelry, Colorful Jewlery, Colorful Jewlery
  2. Pearls:  This year pearl has returned and has made an appearance in every form ranging from a Layered necklace to a single pearl earring. Nothing looks more classier than a pearl necklace paired with your favorite dress.5 Most Famous Jewelry
  3. Neon Themed Jewelry:  With technology taking over everything and the impact it has created on the fashion industry is vast. We like to be futuristic with our look. This year’s Spring collected has introduced Neon coloured jewellery which looks fab and out of this world.
  4. Big Hoops:  Hoops have always been in trend and it never runs out the trend. This year it has gone a notch up and comes in XL sizes. Yes, you heard it right, the big, really big hoops are super trendy, and you would not regret sporting it.  Couple it up in each year and you are set to turn heads. 
  5. Single earring: Yes, it has been in trend for some time. But this year it is to keep it bold. How to wear it? Keep it vibrant, choose a style that can stand on its own and make a statement that screams style and confidence.