5 Famous food items that are not from India.


5 Famous food items that are not from India. Do you know them?

Tea and Samosa are not from India!!!

Whenever we feel hungry, we prefer having fast foods like pizzas or burgers but they cannot take place of our desi foods. Eating Italian and Mexican food helps in filling our stomach but desi food gives us satisfaction.

If you think so, just stay here, because today we are about to break your illusions. The illusion of understanding these food items that are of foreign origin to be Indian. Yes! You read well. There are many such things that we consider ourselves to be, actually, they are originated from abroad.

So today we are going to tell you about some foreign things that are considered as Indian dish.


Indians have special love for chilies. That’s why chili is even used in Chinese and Italian food in India. These chilies, which give Indian touch to foreign food, have actually come to India from Portugal of America.


Many people get water in their mouth as soon as they hear the name of Biryani. Biryani, which became the life of almost every party, also comes under this list. Biryani is not from India. It came from Turkey to India and then in the Mughal period, this Pulao took the form of Biryani.


Tea is considered to be the oxygen of Indian people. Every Indian people are fond of tea. They cannot even start their day without having tea. Whether its summer, winter or rainy season, Tea is necessary. You trust this or not but tea has come from Britain to India.


It is very surprising that Jalebi’s name is included in this list, but this is true. These round desserts, which are immersed in sugars, are also made of Persia and Arabia. In Persia, it is called ‘Jalabiya’ and ‘Jalebi’ in Arabia.


Maggi, which is liked by everyone of every age group, is also firangi. It was born in 1872 in Germany, where it was known as Julius Maggi. Today, Nestle has a right over Switzerland’s company.

Gulab Jamun:

Known as Gulab Jamun, this sweet dish is called with the name of Lukmat al-Qaidi in Persia. Even Persia is credited for making Gulab Jamun first.

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