5 cities in the world where death is illegal.


5 cities in the world where death is illegal.

Generally, death is punished because of a large crime, but have you ever wondered what would happen if death became a crime? It may sound like a very stupid statement in hearing. But this is the truth. You might be wondering what we are talking about. But this is not a story or a joke but a reality.

Worldwide, there are many places where death is forbidden. In some places it is forbidden to die due to lack of cemeteries, it has been declared illegal in some places. If you are fond of roaming or like to know about the wonders of the world, then this story is for you.

1. Cugnaux, France:

In 2007, there were two graveyards in the place called Cugnaux of France, where the burial was almost over. For this reason, the mayor declared death illegal to those people who have no place of burial. Later it was opposed and the decision was withdrawn.

2. Sellia, Italy

The total population of the place called Celia of southern Italy is approximately 537. Most of these people are over 65 years old. The mayor was worried that the number of the inhabitants of this place would not end as the existence of this place was reduced. In this fear, they banned the death. This restriction was actually aimed at encouraging people to stay healthy and to take care of themselves. Anyone who does not make any annual checkup here is fined.

3. Biritiba Mirim, Brazil

In 2005 there was a shortage of cemeteries. Concerned about the environment, the mayor here banned the death. Later, new tombs were made during 2010.

4. Lanjaron, Spain

In 1999, Mayor of this city of Southern Spain suffered severe problems. When there was a decrease in the place of burial of people here, a special order was issued. According to the order, the citizens here could not die unless the municipal officials got a place for a new cemetery.

5. Sarpournext, France

Like CUGNAUX, there was a ban on death due to lack of cemeteries. This decision was taken by the mayor here in 2008. However, this time itself the mayor had withdrawn this year after some time.

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