5 Awesome Indian Dog Breeds That Every Dog Lover Must Know


Scientists have evidence that points out that dogs are the first animals to be domesticated by humans. Maybe, that explains why dogs are called to be the best friends of human, as the bond has been their since the very beginning. There is so much hype for foreign dog breeds like Rottweiler, German Shepherd but there are some amazing Indian dog breeds that we must know about.

Top 5 Best Indian Dog Breeds

Indian dogs have their own set of unique characteristics and behavioural traits. Even though people prefer exotic dog breeds, Indian native dogs, who are more compatible with the Indian climate and the local lifestyle, can be great pets too. Many people are not aware that there are so many varieties of Indian dog breeds. So, if you are a pet-lover and want to gather more information about dogs, here are some of the best Indian dog breeds that can be your pet and also an excellent addition to your family.

Indian Dog Breeds List

1) Mudhol Hound Dogs Breeds

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Mudhol Hound, popularly known as “Caravan Hound” is an Indian dog breed that has similar features to gaze hounds. Better known for their hunting and guarding skills, Mudhol hounds are mostly found in and around the Mudhol town of Karnataka.

2) Best Jonangi Dogs Breeds

Awesome Jonangi Dogs Breeds, 5 Awesome Dog Breeds, 5 Awesome Indian Dog, best Indian Dog Breeds

This soft-haired dog breed is found in Andhra Pradesh and also in some parts of Karnataka and all along the east coast from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu. Jonangi is best used for hunting and herding purposes.Their short height and soft fur coat is the identifying trait of this breed.

3) Rajapalayam Dogs

Awesome Rajapalayam Dogs Breeds, 5 Awesome Indian Dog, Rajapalayam Dogs Breeds, Rajapalayam Dogs, top 5 indian dog breeds, best Indian Dog Breeds

Also known as Poligar hound, this dog breed is popular for it’s association with loyalty and aristocracy. These dogs are found in the town of Rajapalayam in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu.

4) Combai Dogs

Awesome Combai Dogs Breeds,
5 Awesome Indian Dog, Combai Dogs Breeds, Combai Dogs, top 5 indian dog breeds, best Indian Dog Breeds

This dog breed is spread in the foothills of Western ghats of South India. Because of the efforts of pet-lovers, Combai has revived from the brink of extinction. Although this breed is known for extreme aggression, the another defining quality of these dogs is their loyalty.

5) Kanni Dogs
Awesome Kanni Dogs Breeds, 
5 Awesome Indian Dog, Kanni Dogs Breeds, Kanni Dogs, top 5 indian dog breeds, best Indian Dog Breeds

Famous for their speed, Kanni dogs are a rare indigenous South Indian sighthound breed of dog found in the state of Tamil Nadu. These dogs are mainly used for coursing games.

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