4 tips to protect the wet phone from spoiling that everyone should know about.


4 tips to protect the wet phone from spoiling that everyone should know about.

Nowadays many waterproof phones have launched in the market. Many people are using waterproof phones but there are still other people who do not use waterproof phones. Many times it happens that our smartphone gets frozen due to some reason in the rain or in the water, after which we become disturbed, quite a lot of people do not know what to do after the phone is drowned in water and due to the incomplete knowledge their phone gets spoiled.

Today we are going to tell you about small things that everyone should know. By following these tips you can save your phone from getting spoiled.

1. First switch off your phone:

Whenever a person’s phone falls into the water, he gets worried and does not understand what to do, and in a hurry, he makes a mistake. Let me tell you that whenever your phone gets wet in water, then you must first Switch off your phone and put it in such a dry place where it will be pleasantly dry, some people do not dry the phone completely and after some time the phone is turned on, which is wrong, this will lead to short circuit and your phone will get spoiled.

2. Keep the wet phone in Rice:

To protect your phone from getting spoiled, keep it closed in a box of rice. Keep in mind that the phone should be covered with rice from all sides. And keep the phone switched off. Keep it in the rice compartment for two days. By doing so rice will absorb all the moisture of the phone and when you check the phone after two days, your phone will start working well.

3. Never use Dryer:

This is the most common mistake we all do. Many of us use the dryer to dry the phone after it gets wet, but this method is quite wrong because the hot air from the dryer so can spoil the display and the circuit of the phone also melts. Therefore, avoid such mistake and never dry out the phone from the dryer.

4. Never charge wet phones:

When the phone gets wet, it should not be charged at all, because if your phone has some moisture, then the circuits of the phone can be shot.

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