4 things Human do that dogs don’t like!


Dear Dog Owners: Dogs don’t like you doing these 4 things.

There are many people who love pets. Most people even pet a dog at their home. Some people keep dogs in the house for some security reasons, so some people love animals very much.

You must be doing a lot of things for your dog, but there are some things that they don’t like about you, but you can not know about them. Many people consider their dog to be their best friend because they are very honest. But there are some things you can do or work on, that your dog does not like at all.

Some things are normal as dogs do not like bathing and sometimes they are ashamed to hug. Apart from these, there are some other things that Dogs does not like at all. There are several ways that we can take care of our dogs. Just remember one thing that every dog’s habits including likes and dislikes are not the same.

So what are the things that they hate and which they actually like? Today we are going to tell you about such 4 things that dogs does not like. If you keep these things in mind, your dog will always be your true friend.

Frequently hugging:

Some dogs do not like to hug and especially strangers. When you touch them and their body, they feel in danger. So hug them with love. They do not like to come closer.
So try to love them according to their liking.

They understand gestures more than words:

Dogs understand some words like – come, sit, treat, go but they are unable to understand more of our things. Therefore, they focus on our body language more than words.

The best experiment would be spending the entire day without speaking a single word. You can communicate with your body language with them. Use your gestures to tell them anything and it will help you to understand them better.

Walking in a hurry:

Dogs like to walk outside because they get an opportunity to see the outside world. If you take them on a walk and do not give them a chance to stop, sniff or mark them, then they can become angry with you. Next time, whenever you move your dog out, take them on a walk for a long time.

Don’t be sad:

Many of us suffer from mood swings, depression, etc. And this can happen many times when you are in misery, stress or depression. It also affects your dog. Since both of you are close to each other so they understand your feelings. In such a way, you take your dog out to a walk outside. This will also make you feel better.

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