3 Incredible exercises to keep your nose in shape


Facial features pay a great role in the beauty of a person. What people generally regard as a beautiful face comprises of big eyes, plump lips and sharp nose. Nose is often considered to be the focal point of your face and it catches the attention of people.

In order to get that perfect nose, there are plenty of ways that you can adopt. You can use makeup or you can go through the intricate passage of surgery. You can opt for the easy way out by choosing these simple exercises to get that ideal nose.

Here’s are the best and simple you can do everyday to get that sharp nose:

1) Nose shaping

This one is for all those women who are constantly complaining about the shape of their nose. By doing this simple exercise everyday, you can successfully change the shape of your nose. It also helps prevent the sagging of your nose.
• Apply pressure on the sides of your nose using index fingers and breathe out.
• For best results, apply pressure on the bottom of your nostrils. Avoid breathing out with too much force.
• Do this exercise 10 times per day.

2) Nose straightening

A simple smile can help you in straightening your nose. Yes, you read it right. This simple and effective exercise is your gateway to get a straight nose.
• Start with a smile.
• Using your fingers push your nose in the forward direction.
• It helps in building muscles in the sides of your nose thereby straightening it.
• For best results, do this exercise 20-30 times a day.

3) Nose shortening

To get a short and cute nose is not impossible. With this exercise, you can get a short nose and it also assists in preventing the deterioration of the cartilage. Ageing is the bitter reality that also involves of bones, muscles and cartilage. With the help of this simple exercise, you can prevent that.
• Place the index finger on the top of your nose and apply gentle pressure.
• Exert downward pressure on the finger using your nose.
• This exercise can be done as many times as you can.