10 Dumb Toys That Should Be Banned Today.


10 Dumb Toys That Should Be Banned Today. Have You Also Buy These Toys For Your Kids?

We all wish to treat our kids in the best way possible. The comfort and luxury that we missed in our childhood, we want our kids to enjoy to their fullest. There are many different kinds of toys present in the market today. Toys are the dearest things for kids. Kids love playing with their favorite toys.

This is a source of entertainment for the kids and they also help them to learn and connect something new. The world is developing and so is the invention. People are trying different innovative things to make the world a better-developed place to live.

There are varieties of toys available in the market today for every age group and sizes. You must have enjoyed your childhood by playing with different cars, dolls, teddy’s, Shaktimaan toys. But today there are different yet bizarre toys available in the market that not only dumb but also spoil the innocent minds.

It’s obvious, the market will be developing and so is the toys. But these weird toys really affects the mind and learning of small kids. After looking at these pictures below, you will understand what we are trying to say. You can even call them ‘Blunders’.

1. Horse With a Pony Tail:

So here you can see a cute horse toy with a normal tail. But the reality is that to get that tail, Barbie’s face has been inserted inside to get that glossy tail look. Have you found this in your kid’s toy?

2. Whoa! Wrong Learning. What do you think?

It can be a wrong inspiration for the kids!

3. I bet, All love this guy!

But, We would suggest not to buy this for your kid.

4. WTF! It’s like a nightmare:

5. Alien Toy?

The manufactures must be having the same expression while making this toy. Whatever it is, it’s looking dull.

6. Evil Monkey:

7. A child with the face of a CAT!

8. Yeah. Wow!!

9. This is how are you going to teach your girl, how she will grow up?

Obviously not!

10. The hereditarily disfigured toy.

Well! It’s looking cute but what manufacturers thought before making this toy?