10 Of The Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From 2017


10 Of The Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From 2017. Check Out the Pictures Here.

Every day we come across to know some new trends. Whether it is in dressing or hairstyle. New trends really grab our attention. People like to experiment new things on their body. Irrespective how it looks they like to try something different. Some trends are so cringed that you can’t even think that this can also happen. I just came across some pictures which are labeled as beauty trend and trust me I can only call it “Bizarre”.

People experiment their look with weird things like a d**k eye makeup, nose extension, etc. Have you ever heard of it? No? Same with me. After looking at these pictures you won’t believe that these can even exist.

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So what are we waiting for? let’s see 10 Of The Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From 2017

1. Fur Nails:

Fur Nails. Really? Is this a trend? This looks horrible.

2. Nose Hair Extension:

I have heard about hair extension but did you ever heard about nose hair extension? Is this even a fashion trend?

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3. Hair Nails:

Is this looking cute anyway? This is a very different nail art I have ever seen. Hairy nails!

4. Glitter BOOTY:

OMG! Whats This?

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5. McDonalds Brows:

You can even try this brows if you are a big fan of Mc Donalds.

6. Lollypop or Smudged Lips?

Isn’t this looking funny? Would you like to try this new fashion trend?

7. Fake Freckles:

 Yes, these freckles are fake.

8. Penis Eye Makeup:

The horrible fashion trend! Penis on the eye? Seriously? Epic.

9. Glittery Boobs:

Have you ever seen glitter body art? No? then you can see the above picture.